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Training and Advice




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Support and after sales service

Training and advice

The key to safe operation of the PAC is proper instruction. So a DVD of instructions (English only) an instruction manuals are downloadable from our website.

If you need advice or have technical queries about the PAC, please contact us.

Sick Porter in PAC
Porter with HAPE in PAC


Repairs and spare parts

Basic repairs can be made with the repair kit provided.

More difficult repairs, such as zip replacement, are available from the manufacturer, who also provides a testing service. Please contact Treksafe.



The materials and workmanship of the PAC are guaranteed at the time of delivery. The manufacturer also provides a comprehensive repair and testing service.

We are committed to further research into altitude illness and refinement of the PAC, and encourage feedback to obtain vital field information.

You can provide feedback here. Thank you!


PAC | PAC Technology | Support | Cost & Ordering | Using a PAC

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