Treksafe has been actively involved in safety aspects of remote travel since 1982. The Portable Altitude Chamber was developed in 1996. The combination of the manufacturer's expertise combined with our support and advice means some of our PACs are still in service after 15 years of use. Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine originated from our mountaineering and polar background and has now evolved to also cover land, sea and tropical travel. It is the result of hands-on experience, guiding, rescue work and teaching. It provides all you need to know to avoid or deal with accidents and illnesses in situations where immediate first aid or medical care is more than a few hours away.


The Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) is an effective, simple, durable, lightweight and affordable hyperbaric chamber for use at high altitude. Rest easy in the knowledge that you can simulate descent ...

First Aid Book

Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine Manual This highly acclaimed book, now in its 12th edition (2017), an essential for anyone venturing into remote or wilderness areas. Written in plain Englis


Dr Jim Duff has a wealth of mountaineering experience, is lead author of ‘Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine, and is co developer of the PAC.  Based on his extensive experience, Jim delivers il

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