Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine Manual

This highly acclaimed book, now in its 12th edition (2017), an essential for anyone venturing into remote or wilderness areas.

Written in plain English by experienced doctors, the book will fit in your pocket while delivering comprehensive medical coverage in its 250 pages.

Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine is written for trekkers, climbers, sailors, guides and leaders, walkers, backpackers, travellers, aid agency and disaster relief workers, and travellers who find themselves without immediate access to first aid and medical care. Doctors will also find it invaluable!

The book gives detailed directions on first aid and the majority of accidents and illnesses encountered, including how to give continuing care for prolonged periods after the event. There are important sections on prevention, planning and survival, and a valuable chapter on how to make a diagnosis.

Wilderness travel involves a degree of risk; minimizing these risks, while feeling confident in your ability to deal with any potential injury or illness, is part of the challenge and satisfaction.

Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine is divided into these sections:

Part 1. THE FUNDAMENTALS covers preparation, prevention, general care for the sick and injured, the use of medications and pain management.

Part 2. ACCIDENT AND ILLNESS PROTOCOL explains the procedure to follow in any accident and illness situation, including how to deal with life-threatening situations and making a diagnosis.

Part 3. PROBLEMS AND THEIR TREATMENT covers specific accidents and illnesses ranging from altitude illness to diving problems, tropical diseases to dental emergencies, hypothermia to heat exhaustion, and much much more.

Appendices include a medication chart, antibiotic instructions, first aid kits, flow diagrams for marine envenomation and avalanche rescue, useful contacts, etc.

About the authors

Dr Jim Duff has more than 40 years’ experience of climbing, trekking, sailing and teaching wilderness medicine, first aid and leadership in the Himalayas, Australia and East Africa.

Dr Ross Anderson, a fell runner, lives on the edge of Lake District in the UK where he is a GP and enjoys free time in the mountains. He holds the UIAA Diploma in Mountain Medicine and is the medical consultant for a major trek and expedition company.

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