What the experts and reviewers say


Doug Scott, mountaineer (UK)

“Every trekker and expedition member should have this first aid manual on the top of their rucksack as there is no aspect of mountain medicine and general first aid omitted.”


Sir Chris Bonington, mountaineer (UK)

“Brilliant book – clear, compact, easy to follow – I’ll take it with me all the way up the mountain on every trip!!!!”

Tim MacCartney Snape, guide and mountaineer (Australia)

“This little book is more important than your first aid kit, its clear instructions give simple guidance to packing the right stuff in your first aid kit and inform you how to use it to best effect. The best book I’ve used for any serious outdoor activity.”


Simon Yates, guide and mountaineer (UK)

“Clear,concise advice for any wilderness medical emergency. Simple and quick to use. The best book of its kind currently on the market.”


Dr Edi Albert and Sean Rothwell – lifeinthefastlane.com/expedition-wilderness-medicine

“If you are after something to fit in your back pocket, or to recommend to non-medical folk, then Pocket Wilderness Medicine and First Aid by Jim Duff and Peter Gormly is probably the pick of the bunch.”


Andrew Walsh, General Manager – Equip Wilderness First Aid Institute (Australia)

“This book is simply the best Australian wilderness first aid book
available. Equip refers to the contents of this book on all our
wilderness first aid courses and recommends this book to anyone
responsible for the first aid of others in a wilderness environment.
This pocket sized book is perfect for our course participants, in
that, it is a resource that is compact enough to be taken into the
wilderness.” Oct 2010


Justin Finn, trekker and adventurer (Canada)

“I picked up a copy of this book while I was in Nepal a few years back and have been so impressed by it that I have carried it in my first aid kit ever since. I have yet to come across a better book during my forays into the world of Wilderness Medicine”. Oct 2010

Adventure First Aid (UK)

“As a company that train individuals and groups in remote first aid and wilderness medical intervention, we thoroughly recommend our delegates to carry it with them. We use it as a key text on our Overseas medical intervention course. It is small enough to pack and carry, yet packed with detailed information that other texts do not provide. Excellent.”


Wild magazine (Australia)

“Remarkably comprehensive – easy to understand and to follow – good value for money.”


Margot Hurell, consultant in outdoor safety (Australia)

“It is a great little book and everyone comments on how useful it is.”


Traveller magazine (UK)

“Wild and remote places are wonderful – until you need a doctor. If there isn’t one around, a copy of Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine is the next best thing. It’s a small guide, but bursting at the seams with sound advice on travel problems from mountain sickness to tropical diseases. Filled with first-aid tips, and comprehensive enough to cope with almost anything, this book is easy to follow and easy to carry.”

Dr J Rayner-Klein, consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (UK)

“A fantastic little booklet!”


BushcraftUK.com (UK)

“I’ve never seen (a first aid book) that suits bushcraft and outdoor pursuits so well. (…) I think this is the only first aid book I have seen that goes on to deal with aftercare and longer-term treatment where necessary.

(…) Other sections not usually found in first aid manuals, but very useful in a wilderness context, include hot and cold weather problems, altitude sickness, water purification, venomous bites, evacuation and even a section on child birth. Highly recommended.”


Dylan, Blue Mountains guide (Australia)

“Fantastic little text. I am a guide in the Blue Mountains and nearly all my friends up here have a copy of the book in the first aid kit.”