Dr Jim Duff has a wealth of mountaineering experience, is lead author of ‘Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine, and is co developer of the PAC. 

Based on his extensive experience, Jim delivers illustrated wilderness medicine lectures on a number of various topics.

Examples of lectures:
  • High Altitude Illness
  • Cold injuries, hypothermia and frostbite
  • Hot weather problems
  • Self care for expedition doctors and leaders
Jim also has a great after-dinner biographical talk, ‘Borrowdale to Basecamp’: an entertaining and illuminating trip through Jim’s early years rock and ice climbing and mountaineering, culminating in his Himalayan expeditions (which include the historic first British and first Australian ascents of Everest by new routes). This talk can have more or less medical content to suit various audiences.

Feel free to contact Jim for details.


Dr. J Duff